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   Orlando Coupons » Attraction Coupons » Dangers in Buying Disney World Tickets at Roadside Booths

Dangers in Buying Disney World Tickets at Roadside Booths

The law of the state of Florida says that it is illegal to buy or sell any partially used tickets for Disney World.

Used Disney World tickets are non-transferrable and it is illegal to resell them.

You may find ticket booths in and around the tourist corridors with discount offers on used Disney World tickets.

Before you make any worthless ticket purchases, beware of the big downside of this unlawful transaction.

Other than throwing your money away, you will be stopped at the gate and those tickets will be confiscated.

You and your family's amazing day at the park destroyed due to not being informed.

Be very careful and take caution when buying Disney World tickets from unauthorized agents.

Be aware that Disney World tickets are not transferable to any one else.

Never buy a partially used tickets to Disney World.

Disney now uses a high tech biometric fingerprint scanner to match ticket to original user.

Disney Fingerprint Scanner

All park visitors must buy tickets that are original and not used in any way.

You may think it to be an easy and quick way to obtain a Disney World ticket via an unlicensed seller.

Even though you calculate a few dollars saved, you will have to face the shame of being ripped off, combined with humiliation of it all at the entrance gate.

The financial inconvenience and time lost is irreplaceable.

Only to arrive at the park with no ticket to use.

You actually end up spending much, much more time and money than you expect to.

Plain and simple, the resell of used Disney World tickets is not safe nor cheap.

It is illegal to buy or sell any partially used tickets for Disney World.

Do not throw your money way and spare you and your family the embarrassment at the entrance gate.

Finally, do not gamble with you precious vacation time and money.

When you buy your Disney World tickets be informed and do not buy partially used tickets.

Consider you could get in trouble for trying to use them.

It is against the law to resell these tickets; punishable by jail time and a fine.

Do not purchased used, partial or swapped Disney World tickets anywhere including EBay & Craigs list.

Disney does not discount 1 or 2 day tickets to anyone.

The only way to get a discount for 1 or 2 days is to attend a 90 minute timeshare presentation.

Restrictions do apply on these offers.

A safe place to purchase multi day Disney tickets is the Orlando Tourist Information Bureau.

Disney Ticket Ripoff
Disney Ticket Ripoff

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